Snack-to-Pack® Freeze-Dried Snack Solutions

The Snack-to-Pack® Process


Our team will help you create a brand identity for your new line of freeze-dried snacks. From logo creation to content and design support, our team has the know-how to bring your brand to life


We offer a full range of whole food fruit and vegetable pieces including organic and conventional offerings. These ingredients deliver on-trend flavor, nutrition, shelf-stability, and versatility. Our development team will work with you to help select the right ingredients and custom formulation options for your unique freeze-dried snack.

●  Custom coating and blending capabilities
●  On-trend flavor profiles inspired by popular consumer trends
●  TruServ Verified® fruit and vegetable serving claims
●  Organic and conventional offerings


We can meet your freeze-dried snack pouch needs with a range of pouch style and size options. The finished product will be weighed, metal-tested, and quality-tested before being packaged and shipped to your preferred destination.

Your New Freeze-Dried Snack

The final step: your new branded line of freeze-dried snacks will be ready for launch! Whether you choose to create a globally inspired, adventurous flavor profile or a simple, clean label product, your new line will grab the attention of today’s snack-savvy consumers.

Ready to transform your brand’s snack aspirations into a reality?
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