Fire ‘n Ice® Fire-Roasted IQF Vegetables

Fire-Roasting Benefits

Fire ‘n Ice® fire-roasted IQF vegetables are roasted to perfection and flash frozen to lock in fresh flavor and preserve color. 

●  Free-flowing, convenient high quality IQF ingredients
●  Artisan appeal
●  Consistent quality ingredients, without preparation and labor costs

Fire-Roasted IQF Vegetable Ingredients

Our Fire ‘n Ice® portfolio includes a wide range of IQF roasted vegetables available diced, peeled, pureed, whole, and cut into strips

●  Artichokes
●  Corn
●  Eggplant
●  Garlic
●  Onion
●  Portabella mushroom
●  Peppers
●  Squash
●  Tomatoes
●  Zucchini

Customized Fire-Roasted IQF Ingredient Blends

We can create customized blends that pair fire-roasted vegetables with herbs and spices for a unique flavor profile, without the need for time or talent. Examples of our featured customized blends are:

●  Southwest blend
●  Pepper and onion omelet blend

To add sophistication, flare, and fire-roasted flavor to your next finished product, connect with a Sales Rep.

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