Corporate Headquarters

Momence, IL

Includes Sales, Marketing, Client Relations, and Product Line Management teams

2692 N. State Route 1-17  |  Momence, IL 60954

Mackin Office


Includes Quality, Finance & Accounting, and Purchasing teams

 300 West 6th Street | Momence, IL 60954

Tuthill Plant

Momence, Il

Freeze-dried ingredient production plant

11341 East Route 114 | Momence, IL 60954

Crown Point Plant

Crown Point, In

Freeze-dried ingredient production facility

1300 East Summit Street | Crown Point, IN 46307

Mechanic Street Plant

Momence, IL

Drum-dried ingredient production facility

330 West Mechanic Street | Momence, IL 60954

Strongheart Plant

Momence, Il

Drum-dried ingredient production facility

700 North Market Street | Momence, IL 60954

Farm Plant

Momence, IL

IQF and freeze-dried ingredient production facility

9826 East 3000N Road | Momence, IL 60954


Momence, Il

Home base for our Ag team. Responsible for 1,600 acres of family-owned farmland.

3878 Vincennes Trail | Momence, IL 60954

Field Warehouse


Finished product storage and shipping warehouse. Also houses our private-label pouching facility. 

214 Mechanic Street | Momence, IL 60954

VDF Europe

Banatsko Karađorđevo, Serbia

Freeze-dried ingredient production facility.

Njegoseva BB, Banatsko Karadjordjevo, SERBIA

VDF China

Qingdao, China

On the ground Quality Team monitoring productions at VDF-approved plants and Purchasing Team assisting with the selection and vetting of vendors.