Drum-Dried Advantages

What are the advantages of drum-dried ingredients?

●  Processed from whole food ingredients
●  Undergoes a validated kill step
●  Retains color and flavor
●  Flakes and powders of various sizes and colors
●  Quick rehydration
●  Transparent supply chain

Common Uses

Popular Applications for Drum-Dried Ingredients

●  Breakfast cereals and baby foods
●  Baked goods and snacks
●  Fruit and protein bars
●  Meal replacement bars and beverages
●  Ready-to-mix and ready-to-drink beverages
●  Dairy milk and plant-based alternatives
●  Pet food and treats

Drum-Dried Vegetables

●  Pumpkin
●  Sweet potato
●  Corn

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Drum-Dried Fruit

●  Apple
●  Banana
●  Blueberry

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Other Ingredients

●  Oat
●  Quinoa
●  Amaranth

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