IQF Culinary Herbs

IQF Culinary Herbs Benefits

IQF Culinary Herbs can help you successfully scale your operations by delivering:

●  Fresh flavor
●  Piece identity
●  Handling ease
●  Extending shelf life
●  Higher quality


The Impact of IQF Culinary Herbs

Effortlessly elevate your culinary creations with IQF herbs. Whether you’re a chef, foodservice menu developer, or food manufacturer, our selection of IQF herbs can help you stay ahead of the curve by being easily adaptable to ever evolving flavor trends.

Our IQF herbs maintain their quality and flavors, allowing you to layer tastes and textures without the added preparation effort or time.

Our IQF Culinary Herb Ingredients

We have been farming herbs and vegetables for over 160 years! Many of our IQF culinary herb ingredients are grown on our own farms in Illinois and California. After harvest, the product is processed within 24 hours, locking in flavor and nutrients at the peak of freshness.

Some of the herbs we grow in the US include:

●  Basil
●  Cilantro
●  Parsley
●  Chives


More About Our IQF Ingredients

In addition to culinary herbs, we grow IQF vegetables like kale and green onion for use in a variety of culinary creations.

What we cannot grow at our own farms, we source from trusted suppliers throughout the world. Our strong global supply chain includes long-term relationships with multiple suppliers to help ensure a year-round supply of the IQF herbs and vegetables you need.

IQF herbs mean you don’t have to trade quality for efficiency!

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