TruServ® Whole Food Servings

Bring Serving Claims to Life

TruServ® Key Benefits

Delivering customizable serving and piece claims of real fruit and vegetables is easier with TruServ®.

●  Wide variety of whole food fruit and vegetable powders and pieces
●  Shelf-stable, convenient, and versatile serving sizes
●  Single ingredients or customizable blends 
●  Organic or conventional available
●  Transparent, verified serving claims — right on your front label

Customized Solutions

TruServ® makes it easy for formulators to create and reach project goals. Our team of TruServ® experts works with you to create serving and piece claims, no matter your sensory or cost targets.

In addition to customized solutions, featured TruServ® blends are examples of piece and serving claims your product can deliver.

NEW! The TruServ® Organic Red and Orange Blend is now available! This blend includes 5g of dried carrot, tomato, red bell pepper, and beet to make up 1 serving of vegetables.

TruServ® Delivers Serving Claims You Can Count On

With TruServ®, it’s easy to see what’s inside through substantiated serving claims — right on your front label.

We know serving claims matter to consumers, and together, we can make healthy eating easier.

Key Applications:

●  Ready-to-mix beverages
●  Cereals, snacks, and bars
●  Prepared foods 

What claims do you want to make? We can help you get there.

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