IQF Freezing

IQF Benefits

What is the benefit of individual quick freezing product?

IQF processing allows for products to be quickly flash frozen in individual pieces. This inhibits large ice crystals from forming and produces a better quality product than standard freezing processes. This results in:

●  Fresh flavor
●  Higher quality 
●  Piece identity
●  Easy to handle
●  Low micro count

Common Uses

Popular Applications for IQF Ingredients

●  Dips
●  Dressings
●  Sauces
●  Meats
●  Frozen meals & pizzas

IQF Vegetables

●  Fire roasted corn
●  Kale
●  Artichokes

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IQF Herbs

●  Basil
●  Cilantro
●  Parsley
●  Spearmint

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Other Ingredients

●  Garlic
●  Ginger
●  Peppers
●  Onions

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IQF Fire-Roasted Vegetables

Take the effort out of indulgence with fire-roasted vegetables—from individual ingredients to customized blends that incorporate herbs and spices for a premium flavor profile. 

●  Garlic
●  Onion
●  Peppers
●  Zucchini

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