Freeze-Dried Advantages

What are the advantages of freeze-dried products?

●  Fresh fruit flavor
●  Piece identity
●  Retains nutritional value
●  Long shelf life

Common Uses

Popular Applications for Freeze-Dried Ingredients 

●  Standalone snacks
●  Salads, smoothies, pasta, yogurt
●  Granola
●  Bakery items
●  Soups
●  Seasoning mixes
●  Pet food and treats

Unsure what's right for your applications? See the difference between freeze-dried and air-dried products and processes.

Freeze-Dried Vegetables

●  Super sweet corn
●  Spinach
●  Peas
●  Broccoli
●  Cauliflower
●  Kale

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Freeze-Dried Fruits

●  Strawberries
●  Blueberries
●  Raspberries
●  Mangos
●  Banana
●  Peach 

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Freeze-Dried Herbs

●  Chives
●  Basil
●  Cilantro

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Other Ingredients

●  Peppers
●  Garlic
●  Ice cream products

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