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Strawberries show significant heart health benefits: Human data

Daily consumption of strawberries may improve blood lipid levels and platelet function in healthy subjects, says a new study from Italy that supports the heart health benefits of the fruit.

Mango Fruit for Blood Sugar and Inflammation?

Of the many abstracts presented at Experimental Biology 2013 in Boston last week, at least two targeted mango fruit (Mangifera indica). It appears the fruit may have an influence on both obesity markers and breast cancer cells.

Apples, wild blueberries and tart cherries: Why home-grown fruits are every bit as 'super' as their exotic counterparts...

While demand for some more exotic fruits can wax and then rapidly wane after celebrity backers lose interest, and over-use (and abuse) has devalued the term ‘super fruit’ somewhat, enthusiasm about fruits of all kinds continues to grow...

Berries show heart boosting power for women: Harvard study

Three or more servings of blueberries and strawberries per week may slash a woman’s risk of a heart attack by as much as 33%, says a new study from Harvard.

Dried apples may cut heart disease risk, study suggests

Consumption of dried apples may lower the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in postmenopausal women by slashing levels of ‘bad’ cholesterol by almost a quarter, according to new research data.